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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

(Grocery Bag) Valentine Mobile

This Valentines craft is easy to make and the mobiles look beautiful hanging in groups (such as in a classroom).

- brown grocery bags (2)
- 3 plastic bags
- stapler
- yarn (roughly 2 feet)
- construction paper
- glue or tape
- glitter & glue -or- glitter pens/paint

1) Cut 2 heart shapes out of a brown paper bag, using the first as a template to create the second. Lineup the hearts and staple the bottom/sides together (leaving the top open). Use a plastic bag as stuffing in the brown paper heart. Make sure the entire plastic bag is inside heart shape and staple the top shut forming a "pillow."
*Repeat step #1 twice to form 3 heart pillows. The three hearts can be all the same size or different.

2) Using your stapler, attach the three hearts with yarn. Form a loop at the top of first heart.

3) Decorate your hearts using construction paper shapes in varying colors. Use glue or tape to adhere your construction shapes to hearts. Be creative! We used: polk-a-dots, hearts and lips.

4) Add a glittery shine to your heart mobile with glitter & glue, or glitter markers/sticks.

5) Lay your mobile out on flat surface to dry.

6) Once the front of mobile is dry, flip over and repeat steps 3-5.

Still having fun? You don't have to stop here! Look around for fun items to embellish your mobile with! These make great classroom decorations or gifts!

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