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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Dozen Months of Fun

Use an empty egg carton to create a carton to hold 12 fun things to do, one for each month. For example: go camping.... or build a tree house.

Each compartment in the egg carton will hold a little strip of paper with something fun to do written on it. Then, at the beginning of every month, pull out the slip and do what the paper says!

- empty egg carton (make sure it's clean)
- glue or tape
- marker, pen, etc.
- card stock (can be from a recycled material as well)
- scrap paper/construction paper (consider recycling junk mail, unused magazines, newspapers, etc)
- miscellaneous embellishments: yarn, buttons, glitter, confetti, stickers, beads, ribbon, etc.

1) Cover the top of an empty (clean) egg carton with scrap papers/construction paper. Use junk mail, old magazines, newspapers, etc. when possible. Consider making fun shapes and overlapping to create a unique design, but leave room for the title of this little game, "A Dozen Months of Fun." Decorate the inside if you like.

2) Add "A Dozen Months of Fun" to the top. Do this however you like: with marker, stencils, stickers, paint, cut paper, etc. *One cute "green" idea might be cutting out the letters from old printed materials to form "A Dozen Dinner Topics," then glue to the top of carton.

3) Embellish your carton more with fun/colorful designs formed from: yarn, buttons, glitter, confetti, stickers, beads, ribbon, etc.

4) Create 12 fun things to do for each month. Brainstorm with a parent or sibling so that the whole family will enjoy. Cut 12 small strips of paper (any type), roughly 2"wide x 1/2"high and write a different fun idea per strip.

5) Once your carton is dry and ready to fill, place one fun strip in each compartment... filling all 12. *Fold the strips to fit nicely in each spot.

6) At the beginning of every month, pull out the fun strip and do what the paper says!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

*Great family project - My three kids (ages 4, 7, & 9) worked on this themselves. Mom helped open paint and glue, supervise, help gather supplies. Dad helped cut the twigs.

*No supplies were purchased for this project. We recycled many things! We started with the egg carton and then went around the house and our craft stash for more "interesting" items. The paint was all left over paint from previous home art projects and school homework projects. The sticks/twigs were gathered from our back yard. The rose trellis photo is from a gardening magazine. The ribbon roses and flower doily have been "lying" around for years. The leaves were cut off an artificial flower and the rose petals (with the activities written on) were ripped off an old artificial flowers. We used miscellaneous art and craft embellishments we had saved through the years. The applique was off an outfit that was too small. The glitter was left-over from an Easter egg decorating kit. The jewels were left over from a stationery kit.

*We are firm believers in re-cycling items for projects, so we have a pretty nice stash of these items. But, as many items as we have saved (recycled) for future use, we found a lot more when going through the house and around the yard. We like to recycle both household items, as well as, treasures found in nature. Perhaps keeping an ongoing list of recycling ideas would be cool.

*My children brainstormed ideas together for the activities, so that was fun to think about and talk about our upcoming plans. They are looking forward to all "12 Months of FUN!"