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Monday, February 4, 2008

Design Tips 1-5

1) Mix & Match
Mix & match anything! Anything goes here! - colors, textures, patterns, mediums, etc. This will help create visual interest and unique art :)

2) Be Daring
Do something different! Just because hearts are usually red or pink, doesn't mean you can't make one blue or green! Be brave, try something new! There is no "wrong way" and no one right way (just your way).

3) Use YOUR Imagination
... not someone else's. The most unique and interesting ideas come from your imagination - so use it! Don't be a copy cat, be original and unique!

4) Do What You Like
Design & create based on what YOU like. So, if you like ladybugs... try incoporating them into your creation. If you love the color yellow, use a lot of yellow!

5) Be Resourceful
Have a lot of ugly brown paper or tons of brown paper bags? Supplies that aren't so "pretty" can often be a great start for a new look. Stretch your imagination to use something in a new way.

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