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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Torn Paper Monogram Wall Art

Create modern art to decorate your room with a personalized touch! Easy, quick and fun to do!

- scrap papers (old magazines, junk mail, newspaper, etc)
- glue
- backing paper (stiffer construction paper, cardstock, etc)
This can be in whatever size you want your monogram to be, letter size, poster size... as big or small as you like!

1) Select the backing paper you will create your monogram on. Again, make this whatever size you like! Consider cutting a big scrap piece of cardboard into a fun shape like a star or circle... be unique!

2) Using pencil, sketch out the letter for your monogram. Try bubble letters, block, even cursive. Do your first initial, last or all three!

3) Gather scrap papers (old magazines, junk mail, newspaper, etc) to tear pieces of paper from and build your monogram.
Tip: Your monogram will stand out more if just 2 colors are used.

4) Tear uniform scraps from your scrap papers roughly 1" x 1" in size and set aside to use in your design.
Tip: Sort your pieces in color piles, one for your letter and one for the background color.

5) Apply a thin layer of glue to your backing paper.

6) Start adhering torn papers to your monogram, keeping in mind your letter should be a different color scheme from the background. Continue until your entire backing paper is covered.

7) Set aside to dry.

8) When dry, find a fun place to hang... maybe above your bed or on your bedroom door. :) You might even want to frame for a professional look!

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